The purpose of this “Basics” site is to provide easy to understand information for those who want to learn the basics about hepatitis C.


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Hepatitis C is a very complicated disease and there is a lot of misinformation that can be confusing and scary. For instance, did you know that most people will not die of hepatitis C? That’s the reality. But the same reality is that we don’t know who will and who will not die of hepatitis C—that’s why it’s so important to understand hepatitis C and be medically monitored on a regular basis. Another misconception is that hepatitis C cannot be treated and cured. Not only can you successfully treat hepatitis C you can cure it! Learn about these issues and much more in Basics.

We also hope that the information will help take away some of the fear and replace it with good reliable information so you can advocate for the best possible medical care.

There is a lot of information in the “Basics” to digest in one sitting. Some people find it easier to read it through quickly then come back and read a couple of sections at a time. Others may find it easier to read some sections, digest the information and then come back and read other sections afterwards. Everyone learns differently, but it is important not to rush through the information presented here.

Note:  There are links to certain parts of the HCV Advocate website embedded in this Basics site.  If you click on the blue text it will take you to the page on the main website in a separate tab.


The “Basics” blog is divided into the following sections:


  • Introduction to Hepatitis C: Provides a brief overview of hepatitis C.
  • The Liver: Learn about the functions of the liver and how to keep it healthy.
  • Transmission/Prevention: How is hepatitis C transmitted and, importantly, how can you prevent transmission.
  • Hepatitis C Disease Progression:   Explores the general disease progression rate and what happens when the liver is damaged.
  • Symptoms of Hepatitis C: Describes the most common symptoms of acute, chronic and end-stage hepatitis C infection.
  • Monitoring Hepatitis C: After reading this section you will know about the various tests to diagnose, manage and treat hepatitis C.
  • Treatment Response Terms: Important definitions to know about treatment response.
  • Treatment of Hepatitis C: The current standard of care drugs that can cure hepatitis C including the drugs used to treat the different strains (genotypes) and the length of time the medications need to be taken.
  • Treatment Considerations: Information about how treatment is monitored, the side effects of treatment and how to manage them.
  • Drugs in Development: Hepatitis C drug development is progressing incredibly fast. Learn about the next generation of drugs to treat hepatitis C.
  • Hepatitis C Management – Nutrition: Recommendations for eating well to improve your overall health.
  • Hepatitis C Management – Drugs & Alcohol: Avoiding substances that can harm the liver.
  • Hepatitis C Management – Living Positively, Being Well: Tips on staying healthy when living with hepatitis C.>
  • Clinical Trials: The process of drugs in development as well as how to find clinical trials.
  • Conclusion: How to find more information about hepatitis C.


Keep coming back! There is a wealth of information on our website and it helps to learn as much as possible. Remember that being educated about hepatitis C is the key to managing your health.


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